Concerns of HSC Candidates from Sylhet Regarding University Admission Preparation

Due to the worsening flood situation, this year’s HSC and equivalent (Madrasa and Technical) exams in Sylhet Division have been postponed until July 8. However, officials from the Inter-Education Board have stated that in other divisions, the exams will commence on June 30 as scheduled. This situation has raised concerns among nearly 100,000 HSC candidates from Sylhet Division about falling behind in their preparation for university admissions.

Students believe that the 15-day postponement of the HSC, Madrasa, and Technical exams in Sylhet Division, due to the flood, will disadvantage them in university admission preparation. During this period, students from other boards will progress further, putting Sylhet students at a disadvantage. Each day is crucial for those preparing for university admissions.

This year’s HSC and equivalent exams are expected to see participation from 1,450,790 students under 11 education boards. Among these, approximately 80,000 students are from Sylhet Education Board, and around 100,000 students from Sylhet Division will be taking the exams under Madrasa and Technical boards. Despite the exams being postponed until July 8 in Sylhet, the exams scheduled to start on July 9 will proceed as planned. However, the routine has not yet been published.

Russell Ahmed, an HSC student from Sylhet Division, expressed his frustration, saying, “This is outright discrimination. Students whose exams will end later will be at a mental disadvantage for university admission tests. Those finishing 15 days later will fall significantly behind their peers.”

He further added that the 2024 batch students had less than 15 months to complete a shortened syllabus. Postponing the exams by a few days for everyone would be beneficial. University admission tests are a significant dream and emotional event for students, and he urged the authorities to take a well-considered decision on this matter.

Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar, Chairman of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee, told The Daily Campus that Sylhet Division’s exams would start on July 9, while the rest of the country would begin on June 30. He mentioned, “We’ll address the issues as they come.”

He also stated that the demand to postpone exams from June 30 is unreasonable and lacks any justification. All preparations for starting the exams on June 30 have already been completed by the boards and the Ministry of Education. Students should focus on their studies instead of wasting time.

Professor Muhammad Shah Alamgir, Chairman of the Madrasa Education Board, told The Daily Campus that regardless of when the exams end, results for all boards will be published simultaneously. The admission test schedule will be the same for students from all boards. He emphasized that decisions are made collectively and there’s no scope for individual discretion in this matter.

Meanwhile, considering the overall situation, HSC-24 batch students submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister on Tuesday (June 25), requesting a two-month postponement of exams for all boards. The memorandum was submitted on behalf of the students by Maisha Mahfuz Sneha from Dhanmondi Ideal College at the Prime Minister’s Office, with students from various colleges in attendance.

JR Nayan

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