DU to Establish World-Class Medical Faculty in Purbachal

If land is available, Dhaka University (DU) plans to establish a world-class medical faculty in Purbachal, according to Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. A. S. M. Maksud Kamal. He made this announcement during his address at DU’s annual Senate session, which began at 3 PM on Wednesday (June 26) at the Nawab Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Building.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that Dhaka University currently lacks its own medical faculty. Unlike DU, major universities around the world, such as Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore National Universities, have medical faculties that also serve as hospitals. These institutions contribute significantly to medical research and healthcare in their respective countries. If land is allocated, a world-class medical faculty-cum-hospital will be developed on the Purbachal campus.

Dr. Maksud Kamal highlighted that DU’s departments of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Food Science, Biomedical Physics, and related institutes are already contributing to medical education despite limited resources. Establishing a medical faculty would enable a more integrated effort, significantly advancing medical science in Bangladesh.

Regarding the Purbachal campus, he mentioned that the current DU campus is in a densely populated and busy area of the city, which results in traffic congestion, noise pollution, and air pollution negatively impacting educational activities. The campus is also a hub for various social and political activities, making it challenging to create an environment conducive to world-class research. A modern, research-focused campus requires a tranquil and pollution-free environment. Most top-tier universities around the world have multiple specialized campuses to meet their needs. In line with this, DU applied to RAJUK in 2017 for an institutional plot in Purbachal.

In December 2018, RAJUK initially allocated approximately 52 acres of land to DU in Purbachal. The university authorities took steps in 2022 to acquire this land at a symbolic price or through a “book-to-book” transfer, and the transfer process is currently underway. There are plans to establish a Research and Innovation Campus in Purbachal, including a ‘Startup Studio’ to strengthen and institutionalize the relationship between industry and the university.


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