HSC Examinees in Flood-Affected Areas Face Severe Challenges

The ongoing HSC and equivalent exams across the country have been severely impacted by flooding in several districts. Thousands of students from these regions are uncertain about their participation in the exams due to the adverse conditions caused by the floods. The dual challenge of coping with the flood’s aftermath and the frustration of possibly missing exams despite long preparations has left students in a dire situation.

Parent Concerns

Parents in flood-affected areas are grappling with survival, making it difficult to focus on their children’s exams. They are concerned about the lack of proper study environments, with many families displaced and without stable shelter. Parents are demanding the postponement of exams in these areas.

Sylhet Division: Worst Hit

Sylhet division has been the most affected. Despite the HSC exams starting on June 30, 83,000 students from four districts in the division could not take their exams due to submerged homes, roads, and exam centers. The first four exams were postponed by the education board. However, the situation remains dire with continuous rain and mountain runoff worsening the floods. In the third wave of flooding, 1,176 villages across 97 unions have been submerged. Students from the division are expected to sit for exams on July 9 under these challenging conditions.

New Exam Schedule

The Sylhet Education Board has announced new dates for the postponed exams: August 13, 18, 20, and 22. Initially, the exams for Bengali (compulsory) and English (compulsory) were scheduled from June 30 to July 7. The exam controller for the Sylhet Education Board, Arun Chandra Pal, mentioned that exams would now begin on July 9 with the Information and Communication Technology (compulsory) exam, followed by the postponed exams in August.

Other Affected Areas

Sunamganj, another severely affected area, has seen continuous rain and mountain runoff causing fresh floods. Over 300,000 people across four upazilas are stranded. Communication with the district headquarters has been cut off due to submerged roads.

In Chittagong, the floods have caused the suspension of the HSC exam at the Kachalong Government Degree College Center in Baghaichhari Upazila. Students are facing difficulties preparing for exams due to the lack of a proper study environment at home.

Khagrachhari’s Dighinala upazila is also heavily flooded, causing significant hardships for HSC students who had to travel by boat, van, or cart to exam centers.

Floods in Feni’s Fulagazi and Parshuram upazilas have led to the postponement of the HSC exams. Several areas have been submerged due to continuous rain and runoff from India’s Tripura state, breaking embankments and flooding villages.

Call for Postponement

Lawyer Monir Uddin has petitioned the Ministry of Education to postpone the ongoing HSC exams due to floods and rain. He highlighted that around 10,000 students were absent on the first day of exams, and many who attended fell sick due to wet conditions. He suggests postponing the exams until after the rainy season, allowing all affected students to participate together.

Current Exam Status

Despite the floods, HSC exams continue across the country, except in severely affected areas like Sylhet and other regions. This year, 1.45 million students are participating in the exams, with 750,000 male and 700,000 female students. The exams are being held at 2,725 centers. The theoretical exams will end on August 11, followed by practical exams from August 12 to 21. In technical boards, theoretical exams will end on July 18, and practical exams will take place from July 19 to August 4.

Overseas, 281 centers are conducting the HSC and equivalent exams, including centers in Jeddah, Riyadh, Tripoli, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, and Oman.

JR Nayan

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