HSC Exams Postponed in Sylhet Due to Flooding, No Change for Other Divisions, Say Inter-Education Board

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), Madrasa, and Technical exams in the Sylhet division have been postponed until July 8 due to the flood situation, as announced on June 20. Despite the postponement in Sylhet, the Inter-Education Board has stated that exams in other divisions will commence on June 30 as planned.

Student Protests for Postponement

Students have been demanding that the exams be postponed. They argue that starting HSC classes in February 2023 and holding exams in June 2024 has left them with less preparation time compared to previous batches. They request the exams be deferred to August 31 to ensure fairness.

A student from Dhaka Board, Mohaymin, pointed out that the HSC-24 batch began classes in February 2023, with only one year of academic activities. In contrast, the HSC-22 and HSC-23 batches had 24 and 18 months, respectively, to prepare under the same syllabus. He questioned why there is such disparity among the batches. He also highlighted the challenges posed by extreme heat, power outages, and cyclones affecting coastal students.

Official Response from Inter-Education Board

In response to the demands, Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar, President of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee, told The Daily Campus that the students’ demands are unfounded and lack justification. He emphasized that there is no scope to postpone the exams as all necessary preparations have been completed for the exams to start on June 30. He urged students to focus on their studies instead of wasting time.

Prime Minister Petitioned for Two-Month Postponement

On June 25, considering the overall situation, HSC-24 batch students submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister requesting a two-month postponement of the exams. The memorandum was delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office by Maisha Mahfuz Sneha, a student from Dhanmondi Ideal College, on behalf of the examinees. Students from various colleges were also present.

In the memorandum, the students expressed their deep concern over several important issues related to the upcoming exams. They presented arguments supporting their demand and appealed for the Prime Minister’s kind consideration.


While the HSC exams have been postponed in Sylhet due to floods, there is no change in the exam schedule for other divisions, as per the Inter-Education Board. Despite student protests and a memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister, the board maintains that exams will commence on June 30 as planned.

JR Nayan

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