HSC Students Submit Memorandum to Prime Minister to Delay Exams by Two Months

Due to the worsening flood situation, the HSC and equivalent exams in the Sylhet division have been postponed until July 8. Now, HSC-24 batch students have submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister requesting a two-month postponement of exams for all boards. On Tuesday, June 25, the memorandum was submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office by Maisha Mahfuz Sneha, a student from Dhanmondi Ideal College, accompanied by other students from various colleges.

In the memorandum, the students expressed their deep concern over several important issues related to the upcoming exams. They presented their arguments and sought the Prime Minister’s kind consideration.

The memorandum highlighted that heavy rainfall and hill floods have submerged extensive areas of Sylhet, Sunamganj, and Moulvibazar, affecting over 1.5 million people, with more than 30,000 taking refuge in shelters. By June 20, 957,448 people were affected by floods in 23 wards of Sylhet city and 13 upazilas. Moreover, 489 schools in Sylhet have been flooded, of which 226 are being used as shelters. In Sunamganj, 259 schools are flood-affected, with 148 serving as shelters.

Additionally, heavy rains have caused rivers to overflow in the Chattogram region, submerging areas like Teknaf. Although the water has started to recede, the flood situation remains dire. Similarly, Mymensingh division is experiencing severe flooding, affecting thousands of families and numerous villages in Netrokona district.

The students emphasized the importance of a level playing field for all. They pointed out that after completing the HSC, students must immediately prepare for university entrance exams, which are crucial for their future. Last year, the Chattogram board’s exams were postponed by 10 days, but university entrance exams were not delayed accordingly. This put Chattogram students at a disadvantage compared to others, causing mental stress and jeopardizing their dreams. The students argue that all should have equal opportunities within the education system.

Appealing to the Prime Minister, they stated, “As the guardian of our education system, your attention is crucial. Not just the flood-affected regions, but exams for all boards should be postponed by two months, until after the flood season. We urge you to consider this request for the sake of fairness and the well-being of all students.”

The memorandum reflects the students’ urgent plea for a comprehensive and fair solution, ensuring that their academic progress and mental health are not adversely affected by the natural calamities and the subsequent challenges they face.

JR Nayan

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