“New Curriculum Destroying Students’ Intellect and Morality,” Claim Parents

“New Curriculum Destroying Students’ Intellect and Morality,” Claim Parents

Parents have raised concerns about the new curriculum, describing it as detrimental to the intellect and morality of young students. They have demanded its cancellation. These claims were made during a human chain protest organized in front of Viqarunnisa Noon School on Monday, June 10, where parents expressed their anxieties about the impact of Curriculum-2021 and the harassment they faced for speaking out.

Khaleda, one of the protesting parents, stated, “Despite my name being Khaleda, I am an admirer of Sheikh Hasina. She has initiated many visionary projects in the country. However, she might not be aware of how harmful this new curriculum is. It’s assignment-based, and young students aren’t learning basic skills. There are no specific guidelines. Students are staying up late, using devices to search Google and complete assignments.”

Another parent, Rupa, expressed, “We are not against the new curriculum, but we are concerned. Updating the curriculum to fit modern times is necessary, but our context differs from places like England. We are still an agriculture-based economy, unlike London. Our children stay up late with Android devices. The basic math formulas we learned by heart are unknown to them. We need clear, updated guidelines that are suitable for our children. We are not against the Ministry of Education or the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE).”

Afsana Parveen, mother of a seventh grader, shared her frustration: “We had no prior understanding of this new curriculum. DSHE provided no guidelines. My child just moved from sixth to seventh grade. I tried to instill basic education values, which are completely absent in the new curriculum. It’s not that students are moving away from fundamental education; they aren’t even being taught it. Immediate cancellation and revision of the new curriculum to make it relevant and effective is necessary.”

Another concerned mother highlighted, “Since the new curriculum was implemented, my child has become dependent on devices. Under the guise of completing assignments, they use mobile phones, play games, and get involved in relationships. Who is responsible for this? I don’t know what new curriculum they will introduce, but this current one must be scrapped. My child is not just my future but the future of our country. They should not become dependent on mobile devices at such a young age.”

Seema Dutta, President of Nari Mukti Kendra, questioned, “Why should we accept something that isn’t working, that isn’t what we want?” She emphasized that their concerns were not politically motivated but stemmed from a desire to secure their children’s future. She criticized the new curriculum for increasing the educational burden on parents and diminishing the importance of subjects like science and mathematics. “Ninety-five students are being controlled by a single teacher under the new curriculum. Parents do not understand what is being taught, and there is a growing concern that children are becoming too dependent on devices. This current curriculum must be abolished.”

During the protest, banners and placards with various slogans such as “Our children are not dolls for educational experiments,” “The education system cannot be controlled by foreign agencies,” “Assignments or addiction to devices?” and “Who will speak about our children’s education if not us?” were prominently displayed, reflecting the parents’ deep concerns and demands for change.

AK Kabir

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