Recruitment Suspension Lifted at Rajshahi University

The Ministry of Education has lifted the suspension on recruitment at Rajshahi University (RU). This announcement was made on Thursday (June 27) through a notification signed by Md. Parvez Hasan, Joint Secretary of the Secondary and Higher Education Division. This removal of the suspension means there are no longer any obstacles to recruitment at the university.

The notification stated that the suspension order issued on December 10, 2020, was withdrawn to maintain the university’s academic and administrative activities. The university can now proceed with recruitment according to relevant rules and regulations.

The information was conveyed through two 2023 memorandum numbers: Rajshahi University Memo – R-518/894(3) and Secondary and Higher Education Division Memo No – 37,00,0000,079,08,051,10,426.

Previously, former Vice-Chancellor Professor M. Abdus Sobhan faced allegations of relaxing teacher recruitment policies and favoritism by appointing his daughter and son-in-law as teachers. Following an investigation, the allegations were proven, leading to the Ministry of Education imposing a suspension on all forms of recruitment at the university through 12 separate notices issued on December 10 and 13, 2020.

According to information from the university’s registrar’s office, out of 1,490 teacher positions, 435 are currently vacant, meaning there are 1,055 teachers. Recently, 56 teachers have retired, and some have passed away. Among administrative staff, 200 out of 792 positions are vacant. Among supportive staff, 251 out of 1,042 positions are vacant. Among general employees, 909 out of 1,909 positions are vacant.

Due to the suspension on teacher recruitment, RU has been unable to meet international standards for teacher-student ratios. For example, Dhaka University (DU) has 39,383 students and 2,421 teachers, while RU has 38,291 students but only 1,097 teachers, which is less than half of DU’s teacher count.

Globally, the minimum standard for teacher-student ratios in higher education institutions is set at 1:20, meaning one teacher for every 20 students. At Rajshahi University, the ratio is currently one teacher for every 35 students. However, with the lifting of the recruitment suspension, this ratio is expected to improve.

When asked about the lifting of the suspension, University Registrar Professor Dr. Md. Tarikul Hasan said, “I have heard about it on social media, but I have not received any official letter yet. Since the notification was issued today, it may take a couple of days to reach us. There is nothing to hide; once we receive it, you will know.”

Vice-Chancellor (Administration) Professor Dr. Md. Sultan-ul-Islam also commented, “We have heard about it, but we have not received any official letter yet. Once we receive the letter, we will announce it on our website.”

JR Nayan

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