Revised Notice for ATEO Recruitment Published, All Primary Teachers Eligible to Apply

The government has published a revised recruitment notice for the positions of 159 Assistant Upazila/Thana Education Officers (ATEO) under the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. The Public Service Commission (PSC) released this revised notice today, Thursday (June 27), on its website.

Following this revision, all primary school teachers, including newly appointed ones, can apply for the ATEO position, provided they hold a bachelor’s degree and are under the age of 45. The online application process will start on July 1 and will continue until July 25.

The notice specifies that any primary school teacher (under 45 years) can apply for the ATEO position. However, the application guidelines state, “To apply for this position, primary school teachers must have at least two years of experience.”

Previously, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education had communicated that newly appointed teachers could also apply for the ATEO position. A letter regarding this was sent to the PSC on July 17 of last year, signed by Deputy Secretary Md. Abdul Malek.

See the notification guidelines here

The letter to the PSC stated, “The recruitment rules of the Directorate of Primary Education’s gazetted officers and non-gazetted employees 1985 (amended 1994), the recruitment notices for the same position from the Bangladesh Public Service Commission in 2015 and 2018, and the Ministry of Public Administration’s special provision rules for educational qualification determination for government job recruitment 2003 should be reviewed to resolve the qualification complexities for the ATEO position and amend the recruitment notice if necessary.”

Following the letter from the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, the PSC removed the two-year experience requirement from the application guidelines. As a result, the online application process for the 159 ATEO positions, initially open from July 1 last year, allowed new teachers to apply. The application process was initially scheduled to run until July 31 of that year.

However, on July 24, the PSC again changed the rules, reintroducing the two-year experience requirement, causing further complications for new teachers. Ultimately, the PSC suspended the application process for the ATEO position. Despite resolving the complexity at a higher level, new lawsuits created additional complications, and the application process remained on hold until the lawsuits were resolved.

On June 5, during a conversation with The Daily Campus at the Secretariat, Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Farid Ahmed, stated that a stay order was in place for one of the ATEO recruitment cases. He mentioned that the recruitment process could begin upon receiving a court order lifting the stay or resolving the case.

He also noted that the High Court had given directions in four lawsuits related to the ATEO recruitment, with one case under a status quo order. Efforts are underway to obtain court directions promptly to resume the recruitment process.

The two-year experience requirement had created complications in the ATEO recruitment, leading to court petitions. Following court instructions, the PSC decided to remove the two-year experience requirement. The constitutional body held high-level meetings to discuss the matter.

Despite resolving some issues with the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education’s intervention, complications persisted, leading to court involvement. A high-level opinion has been sought, and a meeting has been called to discuss the recruitment of ATEOs.

JR Nayan

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