SSC to Return in February, HSC in April After 5 Years

After a long period of instability, the country’s education calendar had finally returned to a disciplined schedule. For over a decade, SSC exams started in the first week of February, and HSC exams in April. This schedule brought discipline to the academic calendar from primary to higher secondary education, reducing the session jam in higher education to a tolerable level. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted the timing of public exams like SSC and HSC.

Now, five years later, the Ministry of Education and the education boards are working to revert to the old schedule. From next year (2025), the plan is to start the SSC exams at the beginning of February and the HSC exams in April.

Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar, President of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee, told The Daily Campus, “We have already conducted this year’s SSC exams from February 15. However, various reasons delayed the start of the HSC and equivalent exams. But from next year, we aim to start the HSC and equivalent exams in April as per the old schedule.”

In 2020, the SSC exams began on February 1, but HSC students were given auto-passes due to the pandemic. In 2021, the SSC exams started on November 14, and the HSC exams on December 2. In 2022, the SSC exams began on June 19, and the HSC exams on August 22. In 2023, the SSC exams started on April 30, and the HSC exams on August 17. Most recently, this year’s SSC exams were held on February 15, and the HSC exams are set to begin tomorrow, Sunday (June 30).

In August of last year, former Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni mentioned in an event that the academic calendar had been disrupted over the past two to three years due to the pandemic and natural disasters. She expressed hope that things would return to normal from the following year, aiming to conduct HSC exams in April and SSC exams in February as before.

Although the SSC exams started in February this year, it wasn’t possible to conduct the HSC exams in April. The Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee has announced plans to revert to the old schedule. They are working to move up the SSC and HSC exams next year. According to the board officials, considering Bangladesh’s weather, June and July are the monsoon months. This year too, HSC and equivalent exams in the Sylhet division have been postponed until July 8 due to the flood situation. Therefore, the boards are preparing to conduct the exams in the dry season as per the old schedule.


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