Students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Uncertain About Returning to Campus

Due to heavy rainfall and flash floods from the hills, several upazilas in Sylhet have been flooded once again. Millions of Sylhet residents, trapped in their homes, are rushing to shelters, abandoning their Eid celebrations. As the water level of the Surma River exceeds the danger mark, the rivers, swelled by the flash floods, have inundated the haor areas. Fear of torrential nighttime rain is causing sleepless nights for many, with the threat of flooding looming large.

In addition to various areas of Sylhet being submerged, the main roads are also flooded. The campus of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) has also experienced waterlogging due to the heavy rain. Recalling the devastating floods of 2022, students are uncertain about returning to campus.

Hridoy Ahsan, a student of the Political Studies department at SUST, expressed his concerns: “We are people from the haor regions. Sylhet and Sunamganj are flooded. Even the roads are underwater. Most houses are submerged as well. In such a situation, it is impossible for us to attend classes or exams while our families are under the threat of floods. Therefore, we earnestly request the university authorities to extend our holidays.”

This situation highlights the severe impact of natural disasters on students’ academic activities and their families’ safety, making it difficult for them to focus on their studies amidst such crises.

SUST Students in Uncertainty About Returning to Campus

Due to the severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall and flash floods, the students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) are facing significant uncertainty about returning to campus. Various upazilas in Sylhet have been submerged, forcing many residents to flee to shelters, abandoning their Eid celebrations. The water level of the Surma River has exceeded the danger mark, causing the rivers to swell and flood the haor areas. The fear of torrential rain at night is causing sleepless nights for many, with the threat of more flooding looming large.

Ihsan Pranto, a student of the Economics department, expressed his concerns, stating, “Exams are scheduled to start in many departments from the 23rd. Many students will be traveling to Sylhet today or tomorrow. The current situation in Sylhet is very dire and uncertain. Especially, the road from Sylhet to Sunamganj is closed. Many students’ homes are in Sunamganj. Who will ensure the security of the girls traveling from far away?”

Pranto also mentioned that the weather forecast predicts rain for another 10 days, which is expected to worsen the flood situation, according to the meteorological office. “Given the current situation in Sylhet, if the university administration makes a decision, it would benefit everyone. We are very worried about where those coming from afar will stay or what will happen if an adverse situation arises.”

A student from the Software Engineering department highlighted, “Semester finals and lab finals for many departments will begin after the 23rd, and some departments might even start classes. The weather in Sylhet is already dreadful. Many people are suffering, and there is knee-deep water in many places.”

This student added, “If many students come to Sylhet now and the situation worsens, we will face problems from all sides. Those coming from distant places will be in trouble. If someone comes from Kushtia or Khulna on the 23rd only to find out that the university is closing on the 25th, they will be very upset. Therefore, I urge the authorities to make a decision in advance.”

Tania Islam, a student of the Genetic Engineering department, shared her plight, “My home is in Gobindaganj. Many houses in my village are flooded. The two roads from the Gobindaganj point to the village are submerged. The water level is rising rapidly. In such a situation, returning to campus seems almost impossible for me.”

When asked about the situation, the university’s proctor, Professor Dr. Kamaruzzaman Chowdhury, told The Daily Campus, “We are monitoring the situation. If any adverse situation arises, the university administration will make a decision. There are reports of floods in various parts of Sylhet, but the situation in our university area is good. Therefore, classes and exams will start as per the previous schedule.”

Previously, the university had announced that it would remain closed from June 26 to July 20 for Eid-ul-Azha and the summer vacation. However, since July 21 and 22 are Friday and Saturday, classes and exams were scheduled to resume from Sunday, July 23, as per the prior directive.


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