Unpaid Electricity Bill of Sylhet Engineering College to be Covered by Students

Unpaid Electricity Bill of Sylhet Engineering College to be Covered by Students

Sylhet Engineering College has accumulated an unpaid electricity bill of 1.6 million BDT. The college administration has decided to collect this amount from the students, causing significant discontent among them. The administration acknowledges this action, citing insufficient government allocation for electricity expenses as the reason behind the decision.

Sources indicate that residential students at Sylhet Engineering College are now required to pay a separate electricity bill to continue staying in their dormitories, despite government allocations for this expense. Students have expressed their dissatisfaction, arguing that it is unfair to charge them additionally. The administration claims that this measure is intended to encourage students to use electricity more sparingly.

The college has three hostels, and the total monthly electricity bill, including classrooms, administrative buildings, and staff residences, amounts to approximately 250,000 BDT. The college has not paid the electricity bill for an extended period, leading to the current arrears of 1.6 million BDT.

To address part of this outstanding bill, a notice has been issued requiring hostel residents to pay an additional 600 BDT each. The acting principal, Abdur Rauf, signed this notice on Wednesday, instructing students to pay the additional fee for electricity.

When questioned, Acting Principal Abdur Rauf explained that many students waste electricity by leaving fans and lights on unnecessarily and using various electrical appliances like heaters, resulting in higher electricity bills. Hence, students have been asked to contribute towards the electricity bill.

In response to the query about why students are being charged despite a government allocation, he stated that the allocation is insufficient, necessitating this additional charge as an alternative solution.

Students at the college revealed that they already pay 1,286 BDT monthly for hostel accommodation, which includes the electricity bill. However, now they are being charged an additional 600 BDT per semester, placing an extra burden on them.

A third-year student, who preferred to remain anonymous, said, “Due to the unpaid 1.6 million BDT electricity bill, the campus electricity was cut off recently. Now, they are trying to collect this amount forcibly from the students.”

He added that such a large amount did not accumulate overnight and called for an investigation into how the debt accumulated. He emphasized the need for the college administration to account for the funds allocated for the electricity bill.

Acting Principal Abdur Rauf admitted the outstanding electricity bill and explained that it resulted from higher consumption than the allocated funds could cover. He also mentioned that the issue has been reported to the Directorate of Technical Education.

Director General of the Directorate of Technical Education, Md. Aziz Taher Khan, said he was unaware of the situation and promised to investigate the matter.

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